Growing Results (1999-2013)

This web site is now closed.

We created this web site in the late 1990's to solve a number of problems with the popular search engines. Entirely automated search engines such as Altavista could not properly distinguish between reputable articles and the vast bulk of web pages with little value. Without carefully constructed search queries, the results might not contain any of the good articles on the topic. Yahoo had a directory that was constructed by people, so it was of a fairly high quality. But it only contained web sites, not web pages, so it missed all the good articles available on the web unless the entire web site was devoted to just one topic.

We solved these problems by creating a portal that indexed only articles and products - and not "About Us" pages, forums, blogs, or spam. Our search technology used the structure of these trusted authorative sites to create an directory of this content, allowing the information to be browsed, discovered and explored by clicking through the directory structure rather than typing keywords and search phrases.

We were also the first information portal to syndicate our information through RSS, becoming the largest supplier of RSS feeds by 2000. Every topic was available as an RSS feed, for free to any other web site.

To provide a better experience for our users, we invented the first contextual advertising system in 2000, providing advertising that was directly relevant to the information available on each page.

These unique innovations, and many more, helped us become a leading web site on many topics. However, 14 years later, other search engines have invested billions of dollars and employed tens of thousands of workers to dominate the search industry at the expense of smaller, more innovative providers. Sadly we can no longer compete with such giants. Thank you to all our satisfied users over the past 14 years.